Tuesday, 11 September 2012

News: Premium Bandai Online Shop reveal Naruto head statue

Just saw news of this Naruto head statue today, since it was announced in Japanese and I am not sure if the google translate is giving me the correct translation, I decided to call them head statue at the moment. But it certainly looks like the Great Deep Collection series from One Piece. From the images I have seen, I have to admit they are really awesome!

If you looked carefully at the fire-liked color effects behind Naruto, it is actually the head of the Nine-tailed Fox Demon, Kyubi, known for his incredible power and strength. Naruto was bonded with it since his birth.

For Sasuke, although he does not own any tailed-demons, he poccess another dangerous blood-line limit weapon, the Sharigan. And thru his mastered "Mangekyou Sharingan", Sasuke was able to summon another creature call "Susano" which formed up the clear, purplish blue effect behind him on the image below.

Last but not least, Kakashi, with his mask when he was still in the Anbu. He was shown here already having his left Sharingan eye which was given to him by Obito. Needless to say, the light blue clear effect must be made up of his lightning style Raikin.

According to source, below are the spec:
Naruto - approx 124mm tall
Sasuke - approx  100mm tall
Kakashi - approx 102mm tall
Bottom base - approx 53mm, diameter

After so long, Bandai finally released some toys from Naruto. I cannot remember when was the last toy they released. But I am really amazed by the quality of these head statue. I hope the actual products will look as good as the pictures! I am looking forward to it!

Source from: cybergundam

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