Friday, 28 September 2012

News: Tamashii Nation announced SH Figuarts TIGER & BUNNY - H-01

Tamashii Nation is celebrating their 5th anniversary this year and there will be an event held at Akihabara, Tokyo. But I am not going to blog about the event now. I am more interested in one of the items that is announced.

It looks familiar? Yes indeed. It looks similar to the Wild Tiger which I have blogged here. But this is a different character. Notice the color, instead of Wild Tiger's green color, this is reddish pink, more like the color of Barnaby's suit. In the anime, this was created by Maverick, the villain in the series in order to replace Wild Tiger who he thinks him of a threat. Hence Maverick erased everyone's memory of Wild Tiger and created this H-01, aka the fake Wild Tiger to accuse Wild Tiger of murderer.... Ok, it is not necessary for you to understand if you don't watch this show, just know him as a fake Wild Tiger or H-01, haha.

Source from: cybergundam & tigerbunny.wikia

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