Thursday, 13 September 2012

News: FREEing 1/8th scale Illya (Yukata version)

This post was supposed to be published yesterday but it got delayed because I was too tired and fall asleep halfway. Anyway, it was shared from Mika Tan's blog. It has been quite long since I blogged something from Mika Tan. This time it is the Yukata version of Illya, a character from the Fate/ Stay Night. I have actually posted quite a few images of this character here as I thought she is going to be release with Saber at the same timing, but I was wrong.

IIlya is shown wearing a purple yukata. She is the second figure to be release by FREEing alongside with Saber, which was up for PO last month.

The next figure to be release should be Rin based on the image above (because Sakura don't even have the prototype ready..) And it is looking nice together with the beach!

Since I am ordering Saber, I am seriously consider getting Illya to complete the series... I am poisoned again...

Source from: Mika Tan's blog

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  1. I love this model. I have to order it now. Thanks for posting