Monday, 24 September 2012

My Collection: Dragon Ball Kai Scultures 2 (Krillin child version and Tao Bai Bai)

This is the the last set of Dragon Ball Kai Scultures 2, featuring Krilin child version and Tao Bai Bai. My previous post on this series is found here, where I posted pictures of the second set, Goku child version and Lunch.

Krillin child version:
Krillin, the best friend of Goku. I have seen him training with Goku in the anime ever since they were kids. Later on when Goku faces Frieza, Cell and Buu, Krillin is always shown by his side even though he was no match with all the three 'monsters'. 

You can see that the details and the coloring of the figure is damn awesome!

Finally a picture taken with Goku child version! Their poses look just like they were challenging each other!

Tao Bai Bai is one of the villain in Dragon Ball, known to be an assassin hired with the objective of getting the dragonball from Goku. He was later beaten by Goku and made himself into a cyborg.

The cyborg version of Tao Bai Bai.

The figure comes with 3 expression options!

Thanks for viewing and hope you have enjoyed the pictures.

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  1. have a huge collection..mind to show your display shelves..very nice out there :)

  2. Thanks for the interest bro, I have already started working on it. Been taking photos of my selves, need some time to sort them out.