Sunday, 9 September 2012

My late coverage on Gundam Expo @ Nex (Part 1of 4)

Oh I almost forgot to blog this! Went to the Gundam Expo last Sunday before heading to the STGCC. Although did not buy anything but I really liked the displays there! Going to share all the pictures here! Due to the massive photos taken, I will be dividing them in a few post, so be bear with it!

 Some Gundam displays along the way to the Gundam Expo which is located at the level 1 atrium

Another massive Gundam at the entrance of the Expo.

A nice 'GUNPLA' wordings on the ceiling, it is impressive!

Alright, since this is part 1 of my Gundam Expo posting, I will just show these set ups. More pictures on the actual gundam displays are coming up!

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