Thursday, 20 September 2012

News: Sideshow Green Lantern Premium Format Figure

The new Green Lantern PF figure was seen during the SDCC Sideshow displays. According to source, this Green Lantern PF figure will be ready for Preorder on 20th Sep between 2pm to 3pm (Pacific Time).

The exclusive will be having an addition 'Hard Light fist' construct. From the pictures below, it simply shows his right fist getting 'empowered' by the magic ring, having a big fist-liked effects.

From the picture, it shows the rock-liked base giving out some green light. While the actual specifications are not provided, it looks quite tall. Since PF are normally in 1:4 scale, together with the base, I say it could reach approx 22"... Anyway, fans of DC and Green Lantern Corps, there is only few hours left before this PF figure is up, so Beware of the Green Lantern's Light!

Source from: Sideshow

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