Monday, 10 September 2012

My Collection: Banpresto - Chara Fate/ Zero Chibi Figurine

Not sure if you still recall, I posted the above image in one of my previous post here. It was one of my hoot at the recent STGCC 2012. I would say that this set was bought in at quite a cheap price. I bought it without hesitation the moment the staff told me the pricing! Unlike the Ichiban Kuji, the box art pictures actually indicates which character is in the box. This set consists of Saber, Irisviel and Rin. It was actually released somewhere in May/ June, but I was indecisive and did not get it. I am so happy to see it at the STGCC...

It looks like Banpresto is making alot of anime characters in this Chibi series. Like myself, my financee also like this chibi series. But she collects main K On! characters, maybe she will start blogging on her K On! soon, stay tuned for more!

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