Thursday, 18 July 2013

News: Mortal Kombat - 1/6th scale Sub-Zero Collectible figure from WorldBox

Saw this over at some forum and thought of sharing it here too. Although I am not fans of Mortal Kombat but Sub-Zero is pretty popular, and I always thought he and Scorpion resemble Snake Eyes and Storm
Shadow. Anyway from the picture, the figure and accessories looks pretty nice and cool. And I don't think there are many 1/6th scale Mortal Kombat figures available (I might be wrong), so fans better get it fast!

Head * 1
2.0 durable body * 1
Scarf * 1
Jacket * 1
Ninja clothing * 1
Ninja pants * 1
Upper arm protectors * 2
Arm protectors * 2
Belt * 1
Leg wrappings * 2
Left hand * 2
Right hand * 2
Feet * 2
Skull * 1
Spine * 1
broken neck*1
Ice Sword * 1
Bloodsoaked * 1

Source from: sideshowcollectors forums


  1. Saw this last night on that forum as well.. Fantastic! Awesome! I can't wait for more news on this, especially pricing.
    Yes there aren't any 1/6 scale MK figures in the market so I'm loving this news.

    Just hoping the line does well to give us enough Mortal Kombat figures..

    1. Yes bro, I knew you would be excited about this. Haha.

    2. Definitely bro, I love my Mortal Kombat. Especially since they are following the latest MK9 designs

    3. So this is MK9? I know nothing about the designs, but it certainly looks cool with the designs on the arm and foot band, unlike the older version which looks pretty plain.

    4. Yup this is from the latest game MK9. For most of the characters, I prefer the newer designs but the old plain version does bring some nostalgia

  2. This figure looks awesome..Don't know how much it is?

    1. Looks like everyone is waiting eagerly for the pricing... I have not gotten anything from WorldBox but I guess it shouldn't cost as much as a Hot Toys figure, yes?

    2. Hopefully not, do update me if you get news of the price, James

    3. Hi guys, I got a toy dealer taking PO for this at $155. Let me know if your interested.

    4. Sure email me details at please