Wednesday, 24 July 2013

News: Jonesky Limited (天下出版社) & Hot Toys releasing 1/6 scale comic version Bu Jing Yun (步驚雲) from Fengyun (風雲)

今年是香港著名漫畫家馬榮成先生編繪的武俠漫畫《風雲》出版25週年紀念。  為紀念此漫畫界的壯舉,Hot Toys很榮幸宣佈與合作推出主角之一,有「不哭死神」之稱的1:6比例步驚雲珍

This year marks the 25th Anniversary of the martial arts comic (Fengyun) by Ma Wing-shing (馬榮成), a famous comic artist in Hong Kong. To celebrate this special occasion, Hot Toys is pleased to work together to release one of the main character in the comic, the 1/6 scale Bu Jing Yun collectible figurine - Fengyun 25th Anniversary Limited Edition and comic version - A direct translation from the above, sorry for any grammar or vocab error!

Source from: Cybergundam

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