Friday, 19 July 2013

News: Max Factory previews figma Spider-Man

Ok let's take a break from SDCC 2013...
Just saw this piece of news from figma's blog. Ever since figma teased they are making this Spider-man from movie The Amazing Spiderman, I have been waiting for so long until I almost forgotten about this. After
looking through the pictures shown, I was thinking probably they wanted to make it more realistic hence improving on the body joints to make it as posable as possible. According to source it is planned for release in December 2013

Source from: figma blog


  1. Replies
    1. Agreed bro, and the size of figma should fit in Marvel Legends series. But be prepared to pay more, figma isn't cheap nowadays..

  2. Great job for Figma for doing so well on anime and even movie figurine. Wonderful articulation.

    1. Yes Dennis, really kudos to figma.
      And it is now ready for Preorder!