Friday, 28 June 2013

News: Rage of Bahamut - 1/8 Dark General PVC figure from Hobby Japan is available for Preorder!

Rage of Bahamut (RoB) or Shingeki in Bahamut is an Arcade, Action, and TCG game developed and published by Cygames. The user base of RoB is estimated to exceed three million outside of Japan on August 7, 2012.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

News: Magazine scan teases Nendoriod Iron Man Mark 42 from Goodsmile Company


Saw news of this over at Cybergundam, and thought it was interesting to post here. After releasing their Ironman Mark VII (from movie Avengers), it seems GSC iscontinuing with the Ironman products and Mark

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Watch: Official Teaser Trailer of The Hobbit - The Desolation of Smaug

So one year later, the journey continues. This December, Peter Jackson is continuing Part 2 of the movie, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. Below is he official trailer if you have not seen it yet.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Watch: Official Teaser Trailer - 300: Rise of an Empire

Seriously I didn't know there is a sequel of this blockbuster movie that makes me drool at guys... I mean at guy's abs, ok never mind... Anyway the trailer looks pretty awesome, hope to see more of it coming!

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

News: Kotobukiya annouced 1/7 scale Psylocke (X-Force Ninja Outfit) Bishoujo Statue

If you have not gotten the previous release of the Psylocke Bishoujo Statue from Kotobukiya, here's your chance to grab this even sexier version of Psylocke!

News: DC Comics Superman For Tomorrow ARTFX Statue from Kotobukiya

Remember when Kotobukiya teased the prototype of this Superman ARTFX Statue at the beginning of this month? It's just half a month and they have got this piece in full colour with red underwear, staying original to

Monday, 17 June 2013

Friday, 14 June 2013

News: Hot Toys announced MMS200 - Man of Steel 1/6th scale Superman Collectible Figure

"Man of Steel is one of the most anticipated blockbusters this summer. Directed by Zack Synder and produced by Christopher Nolan, Man of Steel will reboot the Superman franchise by giving audience a new

News: Man of Steel - Superman Premium Format Figure by Sideshow

"He'll be a god to them" -Jor-El Man of Steel (2013)  

News: Deformed Optimus Prime figure teased by Kidslogic

Few days ago I saw this picture on toysdaily. Even though it is still a prototype, but it looks pretty nice and cute. Hope to hear more news of this piece soon!

Source from: toysdaily

Saturday, 8 June 2013

News: DC Comics Shazam New 52 ARTFX+ Statue from Kotobukiya

Still remember when Kotobukiya teased this picture on their facebook page last week? The actual figure has been revealed over their facebook already, let's take a look!

News: MegaHouse G.E.M. Series - Naruto Shippuden 1/8 Naruto Uzumaki Complete Figure is available for Preorder

I fell in love with this G.E.M. Series 1/8 Naruto Uzumaki Complete Figure at the first sight... I have always love Naruto, both the anime and the character. And I really love the MegaHouse's design concept for the

Friday, 7 June 2013

News: Monster Hunter x electroys - Meat Cooking Timer

I happened to see this on amiami website while browsing for some new toys/ figures. It was really an interesting toy/ cooking timer produced by an company named Vertex.

News: Sideshow Collectibles announced G.I.Joe - 1/6 scale Cobra Commander

"Sideshow Collectibles introduces Cobra Commander, the Dictator. Committed to world domination, leader of the ruthless terrorist organization COBRA, and a deadly threat to the G.I. JOE team and the world.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

News: Hasbro SDCC Exclusives Revealed

"The Thunderbolts Marvel Legends set includes Judith Chambers, Ghost, Crossbones, Luke Cage and Moonstone. The action figures are based on the designs of ‘Thunderbolts’ comic-book artist Kev

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

News: Fate/stay night - 1/8 Sakura Matou Yukata ver. Complete Figure from FREEing

"Sakura is joining the others in her yukata, with a refreshing breeze brushing through her hair. From the popular series 'Fate/stay Night' comes a figure of another one of the heroines, Sakura Matou! The beautiful

Saturday, 1 June 2013

News: Fate/hollow ataraxia - Saber Alter Swimsuit Ver. 1/6 Complete Figure from Alter

I won't be surprise if you think this figurine looks familiar. Earlier on, WAVE also released the same character in their Beach Queen series. They are basically having similar outfit, similar ice-cream and similar

News: Phat announced a new 1/8 Caster Complete Figure from Fate/EXTRA CCC

"The foxy, 'good wife' delivered straight from Kenen Tomb! From the PSP game 'Fate/EXTRA CCC' comes a 1/8th scale figure of the self-proclaimed 'good wife' servant, Caster!  Her outfit has changed from

News: Kotobukiya teases Superman - For Tomorrow ARTFX statue

This picture was posted on Kotobukiya's facebook, standing side by side with their previous release of Batman ARTFX statue. I am so keen to see it in full color, let's wait for more news from Kotobukiya!

Source from: Kotobukiya facebook

News: SHAZAM teaser appears on Kotobukiya facebook

"By speaking my name you can become the strongest and mightiest man in the world ..."

It was actually posted on the facebook of Kotobukiya two days ago. Makes me wonder which series will Kotobukiya be making for this Captain Marvel?

Source from: Kotobukiya facebook

News: Nendoroid Hayate Yagami - Unison Edition from Goodsmile Company

"From ‘Lyrical Nanoha The MOVIE 2nd A’s’ comes a Nendoroid of Hayate Yagami, the keeper of the Tome of the Night Sky. She also comes with intelligent device ‘Schwertkreuz’ as well as two different