Tuesday, 4 June 2013

News: Fate/stay night - 1/8 Sakura Matou Yukata ver. Complete Figure from FREEing

"Sakura is joining the others in her yukata, with a refreshing breeze brushing through her hair. From the popular series 'Fate/stay Night' comes a figure of another one of the heroines, Sakura Matou! The beautiful
magus is wearing a cute yukata with cherry blossom prints. She is posed with a mature expression across her face, with a light breeze blowing across her causing her hair to gently sway in the wind.

She's holding a fan in her left hand, but this can also be switched out for an empty hand which allows you to pose her with a hand on Rin Tohsaka's shoulder, if you choose to pose them together! Be sure to display her with all the other Fate/stay girls in the yukata series!" - Taken from amiami

Seriously speaking, compared with the other this Sakura looks really plain. But if a collector already have the other three characters, most likely is he/she will also buy this Sakura. A great move by FREEing...

Source from: amiami

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