Friday, 7 June 2013

News: Sideshow Collectibles announced G.I.Joe - 1/6 scale Cobra Commander

"Sideshow Collectibles introduces Cobra Commander, the Dictator. Committed to world domination, leader of the ruthless terrorist organization COBRA, and a deadly threat to the G.I. JOE team and the world.

Crafted in 1:6 scale, Cobra dons his dress uniform, complete with fabric cape and COBRA symbol fittings. We've included interchangeable heads, featuring his classic helmet with chromed visor as well as his menacing masked visage. Armed with an array of weapons and accessories, Cobra continues his unrelenting assault on freedom and liberty." - From Sideshow Collectibles

The Cobra Commander Sixth Scale Figure features:
- Classic Helmet with Chrome Mask
- Alternate Head with Hood
- Cobra Scepter
- Ceremonial Cobra Dagger
- Dress Uniform includes fabric cape, cobra symbol clasps and belt buckle, and dress boots
- Broom Handled Mauser Pistol
- Multiple Gloved Hands
- Sideshow Exclusive: Laser Pistol

Leader of the ruthless terrorist organization COBRA, the Cobra Commander is a constant thorn in the side of the G.I. JOE team and a fearsome threat to the entire world. With a collection of well trained operatives, millions of dollars in funding, and an arsenal of state of the art equipment at his disposal, the Cobra Commander is a formidable adversary. Calculating, unscrupulous, and unyileding, the only thing stopping COBRA? G.I. JOE.
- Taken from Sideshow Collectibles

Source from: Sideshow Collectibles

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