Friday, 28 June 2013

News: Rage of Bahamut - 1/8 Dark General PVC figure from Hobby Japan is available for Preorder!

Rage of Bahamut (RoB) or Shingeki in Bahamut is an Arcade, Action, and TCG game developed and published by Cygames. The user base of RoB is estimated to exceed three million outside of Japan on August 7, 2012.

I came across this game around end of last year through my colleague. I have seen this game top ranking in the chart so thought of giving it a try. But never did I expect that I became very addicted to this game and have been playing it until now. 

Now back to the figure, Dark General is a SR card in the game and belongs to the Demon realm. Like most card games, Dark General can be evolved to become stronger thus having a max of 4 different forms. And the appearance show here is her final form, which earned her an addition nickname, Demonic Director...

After viewing at the pictures, I would say Hobby Japan is indeed doing a good job on the sculpting. Her armors and weapons were nicely made and in great detail. But I do hope that her headsculpt can be better. Not sure if any RoB fans getting this?

Actual graphic of the Dark General card

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  1. I play Immortalis but ROB is really the pioneer! So nice that virtual card come to reality!

  2. Yes bro, but not sure if the market for this group of figure is big enough for them to continue...