Saturday, 1 June 2013

News: Phat announced a new 1/8 Caster Complete Figure from Fate/EXTRA CCC

"The foxy, 'good wife' delivered straight from Kenen Tomb! From the PSP game 'Fate/EXTRA CCC' comes a 1/8th scale figure of the self-proclaimed 'good wife' servant, Caster!  Her outfit has changed from
the Japanese-style outfit from Fate/EXTRA into a gothic lolita outfit with a slight bondage appeal to it. The ribbon in her hair, the frills on her clothes and even her tail make use of transparent parts for an even cuter appearance!" - Taken from amiami

This Caster from Fate/ EXTRA CCC is no stranger to most figurine collectors, Phat has an earlier release of a figure of Caster from the Fate/ EXTRA as well. But this new Caster had a more 'mature' look and 'body' (if you know what I mean...). You can compare with the previous release of Caster from Phat below.

Source from: amiami

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