Wednesday, 12 December 2012

News: Kotobukiya reveals New 52 Wonder Woman ARTFX+ Statue

Last week, Kotobukiya teased a picture of Wonder Woman's 'butt' (shown above). And today on Kotobukiya's facebook page, they finally reveal the whole of Wonder Woman. Known as New 52 Wonder Woman, she officially joined in the ARTFX+ Statue series!

"A Kotobukiya Japanese import! Kotobukiya's line of DC Comics "New 52" ARTFX+ Statues continues, capturing the new looks and costumes of heroes in the Justice League. Joining the previously announced Superman, Green Lantern, Flash, Aquaman and Batman is the Amazonian warrior Wonder Woman! Born of Zeus and Hipplyta, Diana was a princess on the paradise island of Themyscira before venturing out into the wider world of humanity. Her first major appearance (in the relaunched New 52 continuity) was the great battle against Darkseid's Paeademons in which she teamed up with other heroes to form the Justice League.

The magnificent Wonder Woman stands poised with a warrior's strength and a god's grace. Always ready for battle, Diana wears her iconic costume as reinterpreted by Jim Lee in the New 52. Along with her stars and stripes bodice she rocks full pants and tall boots. Wonder Woman's left hand is balled into a fist at her waist, always near the short sword at her back, while her right hand rests over her Lasso of Truth. Of course, no Wonder Woman would be complete without her bracelets and tiara! The Amazon princess features intricate sculpted details in her unique outfit from the stars and eagle design on her top to the subtle armor and paneling on her pants and the creases in her boots. Diana's face captures the character's austere beauty and fierce determination.

Standing 71/2 inches tall (in the ARTX+ 1/10th scale), Wonder Woman was sculpted by master artist Atelier Bamboo. She has magnets in her feet for perfect statibility on her included display base (with Justice League logo), and naturally she'll look great on her shelf to the rest of her powerful allies. Stay tuned for the final member of the team coming soon, Cyborg!" - From Kotobukiya's facebook

Set to release in June 2013, but currently still not available for preorder in most online stores. Fans of this series, you are finally near the end. Just one more (Cyborg) to go!

Source from: Kotobukiya's Facebook

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