Saturday, 8 December 2012

News: Petit Chara Land NARUTO Shippuden Mouissho Kuchiyose no Jutsu! by MegaHouse

Last Thursday, I posted on a brief picture that shows some really cute Naruto figurines from MegaHouse (click here to view). Now this post will be showing more on this series! As the title suggested, Petit Chara Land NARUTO Shippuden Mouissho Kuchiyose no Jutsu!, this set looks similar to another set which was released earlier on and I also managed to get hold on the set (click here to view). Now back to the topic, I have shared more pictures on the individual figures for your viewing purposes.

If you can remember, the Gaara and Minato from this series looks exactly the same as the previous series. (Click here to view on my post on the previous series). That means if I order this set, I will only be getting six new figurines... Yes, six because there will be 2 different Narutos which you can see on the picture below (Ok only eyes are different) and of course there will be a secret included.

Accordingly to source, it should be release by Mar 2013 and currently preorder is availabe at several online stores!

Sources from: Amiami

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