Thursday, 13 December 2012

Events: A trip to LICENCE2PLAY 2012

After reading one of my favorite blogger's blog about this event, I decided to make a trip down last Sunday. For those who are not familiar with Licence to Play, it is actually a yearly game event. Gaming companies like Sony Playstation, Sega, Wii, Blizzard, etc will showcase their latest game or upcoming games that will be available soon in the market. But of course my attention is still on figures, it turns out there is not really much figure on display. I took a few pictures at the event which I am sharing below:

Last but not least, I manage to buy something from the event. Figuarts ZERO: One Piece - Nami (Battle Ver.). I will be posting more pictures on it on my next post. So look forward to it!


  1. Cool that you went! Wanted to go but I didn't know about it until late that week. Had other plans for the weekend :(

    Those Blizzard statues look stunning!

    1. I went on the last day, not much things actually. But I just wanted to give my support to local events.

    2. that is a good thing to do..

    3. Good on you bro. Will be looking forward to it next year