Monday, 17 December 2012

My Collections: BEACH QUEENS - Fate/Zero Saber 1/10 Figure

This figure came in last week and I managed to take some photos of it during the weekends. Beach Queens Series manufacturer, WAVE actually came out four different versions of Saber over the past few months. They are the Fate/ hollow ataraxia version, Fate/ Extra version, Fate/ Stay Night version and this Fate/ Zero version. Due to budget constraints, I knew I had to make a hard decision - to choose one out of the three... After looking at all the three figures, I chose this.

I don't know the exact reason why I chose this out of the four but I feel more comfortable with this. For those who have no idea how the other three version looks like, I have shared the images below.

As mentioned, this is a 1/10 scaled figure, so it is not really big and easy to maintain. The complaint I would have will be the lack of accessories, it looks pretty plain to me. But well, this is a beach outfit, so it is really nothing to be complain of, haha...

Source from: amiami

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