Wednesday, 19 December 2012

My afterthoughts on The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (Contains Spoilers)

And here comes the highly anticipated blockbuster of the year (and maybe the last for this year). I actually caught this film with my wife (yes we are now legally married) last week at our favorite Cathay Cineleisure. It feels so good to be able to see Shire again, to hear the same music and see some same characters (mostly Gandalf) in the movie.

Although it is supposed to be a prequel of The Lord of the Rings (LOTR), but the main characters of the Hobbits are actually these 13 Dwarves, who went on a quest led by Thorin together with the aid of Gandalf, and of course Bilbo Baggins to reclaim their lost land (or rather mountain...). Overall this is still a good film, except the fact that most fighting scene and actions were similar to LOTR. 

For me, I have a greater emotional feelings after watching this movie because 10 years ago, I watched Fellowship of the Ring at the same place. Omg, and I hope ten years down the road, I can still go to the same place for movies with my children. We are coming to an end of this afterthought, I hope you enjoy my post and thanks for viewing. I look forward for Part 2 (The Desolation of Smaug) to be release next year and Part 3 (There and Back Again) in 2014.

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