Monday, 22 July 2013

SDCC 2013: Sideshow figures and statues display

Been busy during the weekend, continuing the SDCC 2013 posting here with Sideshow displays. As usual, Sideshow has an amazing displays with lots of their upcoming figures and statues. I have combined Marvel,
DC, Star Wars, G.I. Joe and many more here, in one post..

Source from: Toyark, TNI and Marvelousnews


  1. It's my dream to go SDCC one day :)

    1. Me too! But I heard the ticket is hard to get..
      David told me he went several times for the past SDCCs, maybe can check with him how he got the tickets?

    2. know david from invasions? a few of us normally go down his shop every wednesday. you can join us for dinner if you are available....

    3. Yeah, sort of. I frequented his shop when he was still at CSC. But ever since he moved, I only went like 4-5 times... Haha, I used to PO most of my Hot Toys from him and I remembered he told me he went for the past few SDCCs and encouraged me to go someday.. And sure, I would like to meet you guys someday!