Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Bearvengers Series no.2 CAPTAIN-BEAR by FIGUREIN

FIGURINE is launching their second Bearvengers, Captain-Bear! Like their first Bearvengers, Iron-Bear which was available for PO few weeks ago, this Captain-Bear is also customized using the Beargguy from Bandai model kit as the base.

Captain-Bear is capable of doing simple posing as shown above. But because it is hand painted, it must be handled with care when playing as mishandling may damage the paint.

As quoted from the website:
"Whole body action is possible because poly-cap is used and different poses can be taken as shown in the photo below. However, since the kit is painted with hand, too much operations may caused damages to paintings and joints."

Comparing poses with the Hot Toys 1:6 scale Captain America. The painting of Captain-Bear as shown in the images is top notch and for it to come with a shield. Oh yes, the shield. From the size, it looks similar to the Marvel Legend or other 6" figures accessories. So I thought the customizer most probably bought a lot of loose figures for the shield (I may be wrong). It may cost slightly higher then Iron-Bear (Captain-Bear cost USD 129), but it certainly worth that value considering it a customization and it is hand made/ hand painted.

By now you should have noticed the difference between the shield and the one shown in the group shot. The new shield (with a bear head symbol) looks more in scale while the one in the group shot is slightly over sized. And I thought that the bear head symbol looks nice. Maybe they can consider changing the star-shaped crest on the chest to the bear head crest, same as the shield. And also change the letter 'A' on the forehead to a 'B' instead might works since this is Captain-Bear.

For more info, please click here to visit their webpage!

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