Sunday, 2 September 2012

Coverage on STGCC 2012: POPCORNPOP and Simply Toys

This will be the last post on my coverage on STGCC 2012 (Day 1). Thanks for taking the time to view my coverage. It was done quickly without many wordings, I was too tired to spend time on wordings, so focused on showing images first. Next up is the display from POPCORNPOP, as usual they had various movie posters as well as comic covers ready for you to hang on your wall!

Who says Bolt is the fastest man?
The map of Middle Earth!
There wasn't many display glasses at Simply Toys booth, so I only had the below 3 images... But their Funko products were selling like hot cakes! My finace bought some for herself and almost a whole set for her sis! Omg she spent more then me in the Toy's fair, normally it is the other way round. I didn't manage to capture any pictures on their Funko stuffs selves, I will try to do that tomorrow!

So as mentioned, this post marked the end of STGCC 2012 Day 1. See you tomorrow at STGCC again!

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