Wednesday, 5 September 2012

My hoot on STGCC 2012 (By James)

Finally STGCC 2012, one of the major toy events in Singapore is over. While waiting for the next event, let us resume back to our daily life. I myself, will still blog as what I have been doing. This post will be showing a quick look at all my hoots from STGCC. Yes these are my hoots, my financee already done hers here...

Got this set of Fate/Zero by Banpresto from Latendo, the figures were nice. Size and quality is same as those Ichiban Kuji series which I had posted in this blog before.

Like my financee , I liked Funko toys too, but only superheroe characters like the above Shazam and Hawkman.

I know I will be getting the LOTR map when I first saw the announcement at the STGCC official site. After that I was hooked on by the Captain America poster. Thanks to my boss, he got me the Captain America poster as my advance birthday present. Thanks my boss... 

Of course last but not least, the STGCC 2012 Exclusive Hot Toys figure, the Captain America (Rescue version). It was so awesome, I never regretted buying it. 

As mentioned, this post  is meant to be a short one showing only some quick images. I will be covering more about each toy again soon!

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