Sunday, 2 September 2012

My hoot on STGCC 2012 (By Karen)

During our STGCC trip, i saw this cute Sanrio set of 7 characters from Funko first time. This set will be a wonderful gift for my dear sis, however I managed to grab only 6 characters at this booth. One of the Badtz character are sold out and might be only available at their shop. This set is a "must-have" for Hello kitty lovers definitely. As for me, I bought the Hello Kitty and My Melody characters to add into my collection.

The below pictures taken the Funko official site. Looks cute aren't they?



  1. Hello Kitty and Melody seems to have bigger eyes but they are really lovely. Nice haul!

  2. I like it alot too. It is so cute. I bought it immediately when i found it during the STGCC on saturday. Yesterday i found that they had replenished the stock on the last character (batz maru) and managed to complete the whole sanrio set of 7 characters. So happy on this...i will post my last character and update everyone soon.

  3. Bro, I said the similar words to my financee when I saw it, lol. Maybe that is guy's view of looking at this Hello Kitty. Think my financee is 'poisoned' by Hello Kitty...