Wednesday, 19 September 2012

My Collection: Dragon Ball Kai Scultures 2 (Goku child version and Lunch)

I got this set few weeks ago but never had the chance to post it here. This is the 2nd set of the Dragonball Kai SCultures part 2. The part 1 was really awesome and I have kept most of them somewhere in my house...

Son Goku child version:
This was the first version of Goku I saw on the television. Back then computers and internet was not as common as it is now. And the only place I can get to see Dragonball was during the Saturday afternoon, if I remember clearly it was on Chl.8 from either SBC or TCS... Haha really brings back memories. 

I liked this piece because most of my Goku fgures are the adult version, so this child Goku really stands out from the rest.

This Lunch is commonly known as the 'bad' Lunch. For those who have no knowledge on this, Lunch has two personalities which will changes whenever she sneezes. One way to differentiate the two personalities is by her hair color. A blue-haired is 'good' Lunch, and blonde haired is 'bad' Lunch. For more info, you may check the Dragon Ball Wiki here, I think this site is able to provide some basic info about her.

Arh, Lunch! your money is flying away!!!

Creating a chasing scene! I don't think there is such scene in the anime but it is fun to play with!

Side by side size comparison

I will be blogging on the next series (Krilin child version and Tao Bai Bai) soon!

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