Sunday, 12 August 2012

News: 8 pack Avengers box set exclusive to Target is revealed

This is a good news for Avengers fans who missed out on the previously released figures. Now you can get them all at once on Target Stores. According to source, these are the MU 3.75" series from Hasbro. Personally I am not a 3.75" collector so I have received no damage for my wallet. But it is really thoughtful of Hasbro to come out with this boxset (Maybe they should launch it earlier for die-hard fans!).

Now the bad news is we don't have a Target Store here in our country... Local collectors can try hitting the ebay or other online sites that helps to bring them in...

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  1. Just picked up this set at Toys R Us, S$119.95.

  2. Congrats dude! And thanks for the heads up!