Thursday, 2 August 2012

Rounding up on Hot Toys displays at Anicom HK 2012

Anicom has come to an end on 31st Jul, it is a pretty long convention that lasted through the weekend. Hot Toys had made several annoucements and showcast a few of their upcoming items as well as building two very remarkable dioramas for the fans! They have really done a great job and hope they can bring the same level of standard here at the STGCC. Let's now look at what they have offered at the Anicom 2012:

There are quite a number of releases on Marvel superheroes, the long waited X-Men First Class has also shown up on the convention. But the Chitauri Soldier and Wolverine was quite a surprise for me. I did'nt thought that they will be made.

  • Avengers Movie Iron Man Mark VII
  • Avengers Movie Hulk
  • Amazing Spider-Man
  • Captain America: Golden age
  • Chitauri Soldier
  • Agent Phil Coulson
  • X-Men: First Class Professor X
  • X-Men Movie Wolverine
Well the next favorites on the line is The Dark Knight Rises. The movie was impressive, as well as the figures and vehicles from Hot Toys The Dark Knight Rises. Hot Toys alsio revealed the Catwoman, and displayed the following on the Anicom. While I am not sure if they are releasing the Gordon I shared in the picture below, but I would prefer this than the exclusive version.

  • Dark Knight Rises Catwoman
  • Bane
  • Gordon
  • The Bat
  • Dark Knight Rises 1/4 Scale Batman
Ther are a few others displays that Hot Toys displays at the convention, the most interesting for me is The Robocop release. Athough there were words spreading around that HT is going to remake this but this is the first time HT has responded by action.. Heh, check this out.

  • Expendables Barney Ross
  • Terminator 1/4 Scale T-800
  • Robocop
  • ED-209
  • Resident Evil 4 Ada Wong Announcement
While we are engrossed with the various reveals of the Hot Toys, I suddenly recalled that they missed out the announcement of Ironman 3 and Man of Steel licences which according to a megazine reveals stated they would...

Oh last but not least, remember the rotatable stand designed by I.D Square and distributed by Hot Toys? (Click here to view if you have not!). There is picture of the same stand but with Avengers and The Dark Knight logo. While it looks cool but may cost more then the normal ones. Check it out on the pictures below!

Sources from: Hot Toys Community (Facebook)

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