Tuesday, 14 August 2012

My collection: Iron Man 2 Cosbabies - Iron Man Mark VI Tony Stark (Taiwan Exclusive Version)

I happened to see this on an online shop few weeks ago and without a second thought, I bought it. I know it is kind of late to buy a Mark VI Ironman now when the Mark VII Ironman is out for so long and most people would have probably turing their attention to the Extremis armor (the rumored armor for IM3). Honestly speaking I started collecting Cosbaby series very late. Right now I only have the Marvel Avengers (Thor, Captain America and Ironman 2) and The Amazing Spiderman Cobabies. So this is my officially 3rd set of Cosbaby. But what surprises me most is that this piece was a Taiwan exclusive version! I doubted it at first, but when I do some searching online, I was happy that I managed to grab this piece!

In case you think this was released in the Ironman 1 or Ironman 2 Cosbaby series, I can tell you that you are wrong. Ironman 1 series  had a similar one, but that was Mark III. And Ironman 2 series did include a Mark VII but that was a closed mask. So that makes this an exclusive version! (If you think I am lame, then I will think Hot Toys is lame.. haha) Anyway I have included the Ironman and Ironman 2 Cosbaby series for your references.

Ironman Cosbaby series

Ironman 2 Cosbaby series

Source from: mwctoys.com


  1. Hello James! May I know where and how much did you get for that Iron Man Mark VI Tony Stark (Taiwan Exclusive Version)?

    1. Hi Sir, I bought it online at BBTS (Big Bad Toy Shop) for USD 10.44 (not include shipping cost). If I remember correctly, they were having a clearance sales and this was one of the item for that sales. Hope this helps.