Thursday, 9 August 2012

My collection: Saber (Prize G) from Premium Ichiban Kuji - TYPE-MOON 10th Anniversary

Just got this nice figures from a local seller via a local forum. I thought I would never get to see this set but it is quite hot right now and seems like many sites are selling it! Any I did not buy the prize A from this set because I don't really like that outfit (Pictures below). Hence I got myself one of the prize G, it is actually Saber in an uniform carrying a mic on a mic stand. Here is the pictures of the Saber I bought:

The box: Ok, the prize G comes in a small box and these pictures show the outer cover which features all the 5 normal characters that you will expected to get out of the box. From what I know, there is a secret which is not shown.

Unboxing: It is time to get Saber out of the box. I was quite surprise when I see that the size of this set of prize G is bigger the prize G I got from the Fate/Zero set! Yes, if you can recall, I recently posted my full collection of the Ichiban Kuji Fate/Zero here. And this prize G is equivalent to the size of the normal prize B, C, D. I will prove it later...

Comparison: Yes, the pictures I about to show will be revealing the true size of this lovely figure, check it out.

 See? The left Armored Saber is prize B from Fate/ Zero set, they are basically the same size!

Comparing with GSC Saber Lily, sorry for not taking Saber Lily out. I don't have the permisson from my financee to take it out. Why I need her permission? Because she bought it, not me...
And before I end this post, I just wanted to share the below pictures which features the full range of prizes for this set of Premium Ichiban Kuji.

Source from: Ichiban Kuji Site


  1. is the microphone detachable? o.o

    1. No sir.. Sad to say that it is 'glued' on the hand.
      I wouldn't want to use force to remove it, afraid the stand may broke...