Friday, 10 August 2012

A visit to the 16th Craziest Toy Sales at Takashimaya

A yearly sales organised by Takashimaya which I visited yesterday afternoon, since it is a public holiday I am expecting crowds. And true enough, my analysis is correct. I spent a hard time squeezing around to look for things I wanted, but unfortunately, it was grabbed by others before I got there.

But I did managed to purchase some action figures from DC Universe Classic at $12 for 2. It was a great deal for me, because I bought 6 for only $36! Woohoo! I manage to grab 5 of the wave 12 from DC Universe Classic to form a Darkseid (I bought a complete Spectre previously). But I am still missing one of the hand (Dr Midnight). 

Arhh, where is my left hand!!

The completed Wave 12

It is awesome I managed to completed 85% of Darksied. I will try my luck again in the next few days for Dr midnight. I believe he is hidden somewhere out there (Or he shows up only at midnight..?). Wish me good luck for my 'Hunt of the Midnight doctor'...

Before ending this post, I would like to thanks the staffs from Takashimaya who worked during the public holiday. Without them, we can't buy our toys!

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