Thursday, 16 August 2012

My Collection: GSC Nendoroid Petite - Fate/Hollow Ataraxia

This Nendoroid petite set just arrived today and I can't wait to open it asap! This is the latest Nendoroid petite that was out recently. It is actually based on Fate/ hollow ataraxia, which is a game. It includes 11 regular  Nendoroid petite figurines shown on the box art and 1 secret. Wanna know who is the secret? Read on to find out!


The 11 regular figurines includes Saber, Caren, Bazett, Taiga, Leysritt, Stheno, maid version of Saber, Rin, Sakura and Rider.

Oh what was that!!?
Oh yeah, the secret! The following pictures may be a spoiler, watch it if you want to. If not, please exit now...


So the secret is Rin in the 'Unit get money'! I am not sure if this secret is referring to one of the scene in Fate Carnival Phantasm. For guys who do not have knowledge on this 'Unit get money' stuff from Fate Carnival Phantasm, you may wanna watch the below video clip for some information. I found it quite funny, haha.

Since this is my favorite, they must be displayed! Actually I am lazy to keep back into the box haha..

This is the previous Nendoroid Petite set - Fate/Stay Night
Putting them side by side (I have not added in the FSN expansion set...)

I have added my favorite figurines from this set.
Yes, the maids version! Aren't they lovely?

This is the end of the post, I spent a lot of time on this post and hope you guys liked it.


  1. where did u buy the display box ? :O

    1. Hi, it is bought at a shop in Pomo centre in Singapore(The country where I currently stays in). Bought it for quite some time already, not sure if the shop still holds this. But recently I saw it showing up in several shops at CSC. You can try it there.

    2. Thanks for your reply !i myself also too live in singapore ! :)