Sunday, 12 August 2012

News: DC & Batman Unlimted Series 1 & 2

I saw this images few days ago and thought of sharing it here. While I don't collect all of DC superheroes, I really like some of the figures from Series 1. But I stopped myself from buying because I am not sure if they are in the same 6" range like those from DC Universe Classic.

Batman Unlimted Series 1:
- Batman (New 52)
- Batgirl (New 52)
- Penguin (Classic)

Batman Unlimted Series 2:
- Dark Knight Returns
- Planet X Batman with Batmite

DC Unlimted Series 1:
- Superman (New 52)
- The Flash (New 52)
- Hawkman (New 52)


DC Unlimted Series 2:
- Wonder Woman
- Injustice Batman

While some of the figures shown in the picture doesn't impress myself but the bad but I really like the designs of The Flash and Hawkman. But as I mentioned earlier, I stopping myself to buy them online as I do not know if they are of the same scales as the DCUC lines. So I got to wait till I see the actual thing to decide...

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