Tuesday, 29 January 2013

News: Iron Man 3 Cosbaby Series 1 [Size S] from Hot Toys

This above image was shown on Hot Toys facebook today. While we may seen the teaser image of this series few weeks back when they released it, but we do not know the exact character in this series. Looks similar to the previous Iron Man Cosbaby series with a few new suits. No date was mentioned as of now, so do come back for more updates!

Source from: Hot Toys (Facebook)


  1. Actually, there is a difference from the previous version of these iron man cosbabies. If you notice, the latest one has a different headsculpt, especially the chin area. It is now more pointed, or rather sharp. Also the eyes are different as well. I am not sure which one you would prefer as the old/new versions have their own outstanding looks. :)

    1. Thanks for pointing out! I think I would prefer the older version, for now..

    2. Well, there is some update today...now it comes with hall of armour which looks even better! LOL...looks more complete now.

    3. Ya, saw it. And gonna blog it here too!