Friday, 25 January 2013

My Collection: Nendoroid - Saber Zero Ver.

This actually came in quite some time, but I have no time to post it. Now I finally have the time to do so... I cannot remember how many Nendoroid Saber have been produced, but this is definitely one special set. It comes with her bike! It is thoughtful of GSC to include the bike since this is Saber from Fate/ Zero version.

I really enjoy posing Saber on her bike, and the movable joint of the stand makes it possible for me to create more poses for Saber!

Since this is Saber from Fate/Zero version, I have a previously bought Saber from Fate/Zero version by Banpresto, the A Prize for Ichiban Kuji lottery (Click here to view). I did a side by side comparison below.

I did not notice about the bike difference until I compared these two together. One was before transformation and one after. The one in black was actually a Yamaha V-Max, given to Saber by Kiritsugu. When Saber was riding it to chase Rider who was on his Gordius Wheel, the Yamaha V-Max cannot withstand Saber's riding speed. Using her armor and Invisible Air in conjunction to reinforce it, she is able to achieve the bike shown (silver color). We are coming to the end of this post, hope you enjoy reading it!

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