Saturday, 5 January 2013

News: Ichiban Kuji Premium Prize lottery (一番獎): Fate/ Zero (Part 1)

Approximately three months ago, I posted about the Fate/ Zero Ichiban Kuji Premium set which was spotted at Fate/Zero Fourth Holy Grail War Exhibition held in Japan (Click here to view it!). After waited for so long, 

Prize G - With Prize G as Chara figurines, it looks like this is a continual of the previous two Banpresto Ichiban Kuji Prize lottery series Part 1 and Part 2. The Chara figures stands approx. 10cm, which is similar to the Prize A,B,C and D of the previous two Banpresto Ichiban Kuji Prize lottery series.This Prize G consists of: Saber, Kiritsugu (Master of Saber), Lancer, Kayneth (Master of Lancer), Assassin, Kariya (Master of Berserker) and Berserker.

Prize F - This looks like poker cards to me, but according to source it says picture cards...

Prize E - Wine/ champagne glass, with images of characters in Fate/ Zero, Kirei Kotomine, Archer and Tokiomi Tosaka. Height approx. 16cm.

Prize D - According to source they called it poster awards. Based on the sized given, it is A1 sized, quite a big poster...

Prize C - PVC figure of Archer in Fate/ Zero series, also known as Gilgamesh, the King of Heroes.
Height approx. 22cm, Gilgamesh is looking good in his golden armor..

Prize B - PVC figure of Waver Velvet, the master of Rider in Fate/ Zero series. Velvet might be looking smaller at a approx. height of 18cm, but do not underestimate his determination!

Prize A - PVC figure of Rider in Fate/ Zero series, whose real identity is Iskander, the King of Conquerors. Since he has a muscular build in the anime, his figurine must also be made to match his height. Standing at 24cm, this King of Conquerors also has a detachable cape!

We are coming to an end of this post, but before I end, I want to show the teaser poster of the Part 2 Ichiban Kuji Premium Prize lottery. From the shadow figure, it is not hard to tell the Prize A, B and C of the Part 2, isn't it? (Hint: Kiritsugu Emiya, Saber and Lancer)

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