Monday, 29 October 2012

News: Scenes of Slam Dunk figurines by Chaoer

I happened to viewed this picture showing Slam Dunk figurines from Chaoer (潮儿), which is a China figurine company (I supposed). Anyway it is showing some nice and funny scenes from the anime/ manga from Slam Dunk that really brings back memories...

A total of 5 scenes from the series and the bases of each scene is able to 'interlock' with each other. This is really a cute and nice series. I am not sure if this set is ready for sales but it seems it is one of the latest series from Chaoer. Other than these interesting pictures, there is not much info on this series. I will be posting here if I have more info. However you may also want to visit the official website here if you can understand Mandarin. Thanks for viewing!

Source from: Actoys &


  1. Yes bro! And I started picking up basketball after seeing this series, although the passion doesn't last long. lol But the influence of Slam Dunk is pretty strong! Even now there is still figurines of it!