Wednesday, 10 October 2012

News: 1/8 scaled Leonmitchelli Galette figure by Goodsmile Company

Just one week ago, GSC announced Nendoroid Leonmitchelli from Dog Days. And one week later, the 1/8 scaled Leonmitchelli is shown up on Mika Tan's blog. Compared with the Nendoroid, it looks more anime-liked although some may think she is revealing too much skin for a princess status. Well there is already royal who bared their body in public, what is revealing of alittle more skin? (If you get what I mean..) Anyway, this figure really looks cool with the cloak in the air and some nice armor and weapon. 

According to source, it is ready for PO on 12th Oct 2012, so be ready by then Dog Days fans. I am not really Dog Days fan so I will be spared from this lovely figure, thank god..

Source from: Mika Tan's Blog

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