Friday, 5 October 2012

My collection: Yūki Asuna (Titania Ver.) from Sword Art Online

Finally received the last SAO figure from hobby magazines. If you are interested on the previous three figures, please click here (Asuna married ver.AsunaKirito) to view them.

This version of Asuna, known as Titania version is actually Asuna's avatar from another game called ALfheim Online. Since I have not read the light novel, my knowledge of this portion is pretty shallow. All I know was it should be the later part of the story which I really hope to see it in the anime. Anyway back to the figure, I have taken several images as usual.

According to source, ALfheim Online is a game based on elves characters. That explains the pointed ears we have seen on Asuna Titania.

As the figure shows, it appears to be tied and lock up. So which means Asuna is going to get captured by some monster, NPC or maybe the GM (game master)?

A photo shot with the previous 2 Asuna

And lastly a group photo of all the 4 SAO figures

Alright that is all for this post, thanks all for viewing. I have seen more upcoming SAO figures, so stay tuned for my post on them!

Source from: swordartonline.wikia

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