Tuesday, 2 October 2012

News: Kaiyodo announced Fate/Zero CapsuleQ Fraulein

So many Fate/ Zero figurines coming up recently! And the latest to add in is this set of Fate/Zero CapsuleQ Fraulein from Kaiyodo. If you collect revoltech, you should they also produced by Kaiyodo. So this is not the first time Kaiyodo had a typemoon series figurine. But for Fate/ Zero, it is definitely their first time.

For this series, it should look something like trading figures (Approx 11cm) and they have a total of 5 characters to start from. This set consists of: Saber (Armored), Saber (Black Suited), Irisviel von  Einzbern, Hisau Maiya and Emiya Kiritsugu. Already available for PO at several online stores, according to source, this set is releasing in Jan 2013.

Source from: cybergundam & MyFigureCollection.net

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