Thursday, 18 October 2012

Making Batcave out of LEGO!

I  happened to saw this awesome Batcave recently which was made out of LEGO by Wayne Hussey and Carlyle Livingston, who I presumed are two LEGO fans. According to source, Wayne was the driving force behind BrickCon while Carlyle used to make models for films and other purposes. It is no surprise that they could spend 800 hours in 3 months using approx 20,000 LEGO pieces to build the Batcave. Let us take a closer look at the Batcave from the image below:

Other then the interior designs of the cave, they also include a Batman, Robin, Butler, Batmobile, Batboat, Batplane and Batcopter. According to source, this Batcave by Wayne and Carlyle contains four motors for operating the below features:

  • The rotatable base for Batmobile
  • A rotating costume and weapons racking wall
  • The lift for Batplane
According to source, the duo revealed that they are thinking about working on the Wayne Manor on top of the Batcave to re-create the actual scene of the whole mansion according to the comice/ movie (Mansion on top, and Batcave is underground). Seriously, it is crazy but I can't wait to see that happens!

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