Tuesday, 23 October 2012

News: Villain of Iron Man 3 revealed

After the teaser trailer out yesterday which I posted here, there have been reveals of the movie's villain, Mandarin, which was portrayed by Ben Kingsley.

The original Mandarin is supposed to be Chinese according to the comic, but once again most movie makers always like to alter the race/ nationality of the original and movie characters. Another jaw-dropping info I gotten from source is that the ten rings wore by the original Mandarin will not be shown in the movie. Yes, the Ben Kingsley version of Mandarin doesn't wear rings. I wonder what his power will be but according to source, it is hinted to be a clash of technology.

Other than Mandarin, there was no other villain announced, but from the various images revealed, we can see the Iron Patriot will also be featured in this 3rd sequel of Iron Man.

Other than that, images also shows various scene of Tony Stark's beautiful secretary/ girlfriend, Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow), and a image of Tony Stark wearing a 'scouter-liked' device. I really think it looks like a scouter (from Dragonball) when I first saw that picture. 

The last picture is the Iron Man 3 first official poster from Marvel.com

Source from: Marvelousnews.com & Marvel.com

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