Sunday, 14 October 2012

NYCC 2012 Coverage: Castle Grayskull & Thundercats Lair Statue from Icon Heroes

On my previous post, I blogged about the upcoming Castle Grayskull from Mattel and put up the blue prints I managed to find from the web. Icon Heroes went a step forward to display the Castle Grayskull, but in a much smaller scale. According to source, the four horsemen was part of the producer team, let's look at the images below:

As mentioned, these two statues are in smaller scale and hence not suitable for a playset with the action figures. According to source below are the scales of the two statues and currently both are already available for PO.

Castle Grayskull: 9.75"H x 9"W x 11"D
Thundercats Lair: 9.5"H x 7.9"W x 11"D

Source from: Toyark, TNI &


  1. The two statues are very nice indeed..

  2. Yes agreed bro, consider the fact that the four horsemen were part of the designing team. But with the Grayskull playset from Mattel coming up, it may pose a threat for this statue version...