Wednesday, 24 October 2012

News: Mika Tan previews Prisma Illya (Manga ver.) from Phat! Company

I know nothing about this character when I first saw pictures of this figure. But my first feeling was she looks familiar... Until yesterday when Mika Tan previewed this figure, I know I am right because I did know this character. According to source, Prisma Illya comes from Fate/ Kaleid Liner, a spin-off manga of Fate/ Stay night. Prisma Illya is known to be a magical girl in the manga (What? Magical Girl again?). 

As you can see the name Prisma Illya, suggesting she is actually the Illya von Einzbern we know from Fate/ Stay night. But since it is a spin-off, her character might be really different from the Master of Berseka in Fate/ Stay night. Anyway I can't really introduce this character well since I did not read the manga. And fyi currently there is an anime adaption in production! I am so looking forward for its anime!

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