Monday, 8 October 2012

News: Minikiin series Iron Babies from moya creation

This post is made with response to one of my previous post: Customized SD Iron Man with LED lights (by Lam Heng). In the post, I blogged about the customized Ironman by Lam Heng which looks like the Ironman was customized by him. But I later know that the Ironman was actually a resin kit produced by a company known as moya creation. But it was Lam Heng who built it and finished with some awesome painting. You may want to visit its official website stated at the bottom of this post. And other then the awesome Mark IV resin kit, they also produced the War Machine, Mark VII and some Gundams. Check the pictures below:

More pictures of the Iron baby Mark VII and War Machine kits :

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  1. I would actually preferred this over the Kids Logic Egg Attack series if it is not resin kit.

  2. Where can I get this?? Is it on sale?

    1. Hi, you should be able to order it on the moyacreation official site. Or the authorized dealer stated on the below link, hope this helps and good luck!