Sunday, 17 March 2013

News: Banpresto Fate/Zero DXF Master Figure Series

Just when I thought I am going to finish collecting the Fate/ Zero DXF Servant Figure series, Banpresto has announced the new Fate/Zero DXF Master Figure series... So far I have only seen Waver Velvet (Master of Rider), Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald (Master of Lancer), Kirei Kotomine (Master of Assassin) and last uncolored prototype who resembled Kariya Matō (Master of Berserker).

Currently the first vol. of this DXF Master Figure Series is revealed to be Kayneth  and Waver Velvet.

Source from: Cybergundam


  1. Do you know of a good place to order the Servant figures?

    1. If you stayed in Singapore west area, I would recommend Seimocho at IMM lvl 2. If not, you can try Plaza Sing top lvl. But if you are looking at online store, I only know Big in Japan carries them, good luck!