Thursday, 28 February 2013

News: War Machine Mini Bust from Gentle Giant

Gentle Giant just announced this new War Machine Mini Bust in their newsletter and here I am, sharing it on my blog. From the images, it doesn't look like the Iron Man 2 movie version, nor the comic version. But it does resemble the Iron Man 3 War Machine Bust from Hot Toys...

"From the screen to your shelf, Gentle Giant Ltd. is proud to bring you the 2013 Premier Guild Exclusive WAR MACHINE Mini Bust! Who says hanging out with Tony Stark doesn't have its perks? Jim "Rhody" Rhodes (played by Don Cheadle) is Tony's Air Force Liason and the closest thing he can call a friend. In Iron Man 2, Tony gave Rhody his own heavy weapons-focused set of Iron Man armor, codenamed War Machine. Now, War Machine will stand side-by-side with Iron Man as they do battle with The Mandarin in 2013's Iron Man 3!   

This bold, action-packed deluxe piece features an unprecedented level of detail and dramatic light-up effects! Digitally sculpted by the master artisans at Gentle Giant Ltd. using the suit designs from IRON MAN 3, this is the most screen-accurate War Machine mini bust available! This hand-painted limited edition bust is individually numbered and comes with a matching certificate of authenticity. Sign up for the 2013 Premier Guild and select it as your gift today!" - From Gentle Giant website

Source from: Gentle Giant