Monday, 11 February 2013

Toy Fair 2013 news: A quick glance at all new 3.75" Marvel figurines displayed

The Toy Fair 2013 is held from 10th to 13th Feb 2013 at New York. And at the, we are able to get a glimpse at all the upcoming new Marvel characters figurines! I will be sharing all the 3.75 inches in this post, there are Thor: The Dark World, Wolverine All-Stars, Greatest Team Packs and the normal Marvel Universe 3.75" action figurines!

Thor: The Dark World 3.75" action figures
These few pictures showed Thor, Dark Elf and Loki, we are sure there are more to come!

Marvel Universe Greatest Team Packs
According to source, there will be three Team Packs to be released, the West Coast Avengers, Asgardian  and Uncanny X-Men! 

Wolverine All-Stars 3.75" Inch Action Figures
These Wolverine series 3.75 inch action figure only comes in 5-point articulated with a battle accessory. According to source there will be five figures to collect, including: Wolverine, Logan and Silver Samurai.

Marvel Universe 3.75" Inch Action Figures
Finally the normal Marvel Universal series! Collectors can expect up to 23 new figures which includes Rhino, Captain America, Mysterio, Elektra, Baron Zemo, Clock & Dagger.

Ok this the end of this post, please stay tuned for more stuffs I will be sharing on the Toy Fair 2013!

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