Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Toy Fair 2013 news: A quick glance at all new 6" Marvel figurines displayed

After seeing the 3.75" action figurines, we are now looking at the 6" actions figurines from Hasbro!

Iron Man 3 6" Inch Marvel Legend Figures
The complete Iron Monger Build-A-Figure series includes Iron Patriot with torso, Classic Iron Man with right leg, Heroic Age Iron Man with left leg, and three additional figures coming in fall 2013.

Marvel Legends 6-Inch Action Figure 2013 Wave 2
We have already seen Marvel Legends 2013 Wave 1 available for sale in most Toy stores. Now let's take a look at the Wave 2 for this year!

Jean Grey
Black Panther
Scarlett Spider
Hawkeye Classic
Hawkeye Modern - Variation
Age Of Apocolypse Jean Grey
Phoenix - Variation
Rocket Racoon

6" Inch Wolverine Legend Figures
Hasbro is starting a new 6" inch Legends lineup based off of Wolverine which is scheduled to include the below characters:
Astonishing Wolverine
Sabre Tooth
Emma Frost
Phoenix 5 Cyclops
Build-A-Figure Puck

Wow, it is so excited to see so many new 6" action figures from Hasbro! Afterall the 6" series is still my favorite action figure series! Can't wait to order them!

Source from: Marvelousenews.com

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