Friday, 31 May 2013

News: RoboCop - ED-209 1/6th Scale Collectible

"RoboCop is a classic Sci-fi movie in the 80s. In addition to the iconic character, the “future of law enforcement”, ED-209 is also a memorable character in the movie. Hot Toys has previously introduced the
1/6th scale ED-209 Collectible in 2006 and has received great response. We know that fans have been longing for a new collectible release for the RoboCop series, so we are very excited to present the new 1/6th scale ED-209 Collectible, specially equipped with sound effect. The movie-accurate ED-209 Collectible is highly-detailed. It features a new sculpted body, improved articulations on arms, legs, and claws to better simulate ED-209’s movement in RoboCop, interchangeable battle damaged arm and the ability to speak memorable quotes from the movie." - From Hot Toys Community (facebook)

The 1/6th scale ED-209 Collectible specially features: 
- Authentic and detailed fully realized likeness of ED-209 in the RoboCop movie  
- Newly sculpted body 
- Approximately 35 cm tall  
- Over 25 points of articulations 
- Ability to speak three (3) memorable quotes and make sound effect from the RoboCop movie 
 “Please put down your weapon. You have 20 seconds to comply.” 
 “You now have 15 seconds to comply.” 
 “You are in direct violation of Penal Code 1.13, Section 9. You have 5 seconds to comply. Four…three…two…one…I am now authorized to use physical force.”  
- New arms, legs, and claws design with improved articulation to simulate ED-209’s movements depicted in the movie  

- One (1) left machine gun arm 
- One (1) right machine gun arm with rocket launcher 
- One (1) left interchangeable battle damaged arm  

- Remote control for sound effect
Release date: Q1, 2014
- From Hot Toys

Source from: Hot Toys Community (facebook) & webpage

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